About Us

Neat Organizers Inc. began with a passion for organizing and in turn helping others in mind. To assist those who find themselves buried in their clutter, not knowing where or how to start. Those whose plates are the largest they’ve ever been, with no solution in sight.

For most of us, being organized on a daily basis doesn’t come naturally. Using “Universal Methods”, we create a lasting change in your environment and organizational habits, making everyday jobs easier. Through it all, we strive for a sense of peace and calm in our lives. There’s enough chaos in the world, let us help create some serenity in yours.

The daily habits we’ve developed and the way we organize all the “stuff” that surrounds us, doesn’t coincide with the way we currently live. One of the healthiest things we can do is to take time to reorganize our thinking and our home, to make where we live more comfortable and efficient.

As ‘professional organizers’ we specialize in helping people take control of their lives and environments. With spirited insight we express the importance of “letting go” and “learning to follow through”.

‘Nicki Parsons’ understands the importance of mentor-ship and teaching. Her direct yet humorous approach leaves her clients inspired, motivated and with a new sense of purpose.

Nicki Parsons/ Neat Organizers Inc. is a Silver Leaf member of the Professional Organizers in Canada, the country’s leading authority on Professional Organizing.

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Getting in touch with us

Take the opportunity to do something truly revolutionary for you and your family. If you think we can help, call, or e-mail us today nicki@neatorganizers.com